Contradicciones | Catalina Mena


In this artwork, the artist proposes a system of associations in which the materiality, weight and fragility of its components promote dialogues with her previous artist’s book Gabinete de algunas contradicciones diarias (Cabinet of Some Daily Contradictions). They invite readers to reflect from a different perspective on the contradictory impulses that all individuals have, and how these relate to the constructive and destructive features of everyday-use objects. 

While in her previous work, Mena presented us with a book with bronze wings—which can fly, but still cut—; in this work, we are presented with a miniature of Gabinete…, held together by a field of more than 700 sewing pins nailed to the support. The lightness of the book, almost divorced from its nature, is opposed to the accuracy and permanency of the pins, which are generally associated with what is provisional. They face a glicee print of an intervened page of Gabinete…, so advancing a new dilemma of scales.

This publication’s print run is composed of 14 unique copies, designed and handbound at Naranja Publicaciones workshop. Each print was handmade intervened by the artist.


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Weight2 kg
Dimensions35 × 27 × 6 cm
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About the author

About the author

Catalina Mena (Santiago de Chile 1971) is a Chilean visual artist.
Her work is supported in different technical resources, always looking at the materiality alternatives to reflect on the fragility as a quality of sense of the human in relation to memory and body. For this reason, has been important the notion of memory that allows us to understand fragility from a properly human operation and from which it gets specific in its own operation system (remembrance), which en- tails important associated concepts: To remember and forget. Anothter key aspect in my reflections is that we perceive from and towards the body, being this is the generator of processes and meanings from our biography and perception of the world.

Technical Specifications

Author: Catalina Mena

Techniques: giclée print on ultrasmooth paper with handmade interventions.

Materials: pins, ink

Formatcardboard clamshell box with a fine-art print inside. In the opposite side, 770 pins supports a miniature book.

Publisher: Naranja Publicaciones

Dimensions: 27 x 34. 5 x 5,4 cm (closed); 27 x 59 cm (opened)

Print run: 14 unique books.

Language: Spanish

Collections: –

Year of publication: 2021

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