Fairs and events

Since 2016, we have focused on making our catalog of works visible at fairs and events related to artists’ books and contemporary art, both nationally and internationally.
Here is a list of some of the places where we have been and where we will be in the future.

February // Tentativa de la Razón by Sebastián Barrante and Al Este la Cordillera by Pilar Contreras in “Art from Afar” at CODEX Biennial, Oakland, CA, USA.

April // New York Art Book Fair, New York, NY, USA

April // Independent Publishing – Near & Far. Exhibition of “When I write Tokyo, my hands think miniatures” at Asia Art Archive in America. New York, NY, USA.

June // Madrid Book Fair, Spain.

November – December // When I write Tokyo, my hands think miniatures; Naranja Publicaciones exhibition at Utrecht Bookstore, Tokyo, Japan.

November // Tokyo Art Book Fair // Tokyo, Japan.

November // Tinta Arte Impreso // Santiago, Chile

August // LA Art Book Fair by Printed Matter // Los Angeles, CA, USA.

August // Santiago Foto // CCPLM, Santiago Chile

July // “Anda a leer” Book Fair // MUT, Santiago, Chile

May // Microeditoriales Book Fair; Santiago, Chile

April – July // Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros; exhibition by Naranja Publicaciones; Cultural Center of Spain-Santiago; Santiago, Chile.

April // 3rd Publishing Days; Cultural Center of Spain-La Paz; Virtual

December // Exhibition “Calendar 2023”, einBuch.haus, Berlin, Germany.

December // Exhibition “A rather be A-line” curated by Noelia Portelas, Shmórevaz Gallery, Paris, France.

December // Tinta Arte Impreso, Campus Oriente UC, Santiago, Chile.

November // Impresionante Book Fair, Santiago, Chile

October // New York Art Book Fair by Printed Matter, New York, NY, USA.

Octubre // Independent Publisher Panel with Further Reading Press and Naranja Publicaciones, Asia Art Archive in America, New York, NY, USA.

April // Codex Book Fair & Symposium, San Francisco, CA, USA.

December // Tinta Arte Impreso, Santiago, Chile

October // Tokyo Art Book Fair (Virtual)

September – October // Impresionante Book Fair, Santiago, Chile

February // Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair

November // Feira flamboiã (Digital) // Florianópolis, SC, Brazil

October // Encuentro Local Virtual // Santiago, Chile

June // AMA Artist Book and Photobook Fair // Washington D.C., USA (Suspended)

May // Feria Materia // Factoría Italia, Santiago, Chile (Suspended)

April // LA Art Book Fair // Los Angeles, CA, USA (Suspended)

January // Participation of the book ‘from her(e) to now(here)’ by Pablo Vindel in the exhibition ‘Synesthesia: The Space Between’. // Datz Museum, South Korea.

December // Impresionante Emergencia // Santiago, Chile

November // Release of ‘GRRR’ by Guillermo Deisler // Galería Réplica, UACH, Valdivia, Chile.

November // Lecture about Naranja Publicaciones at the School of Arts of the Art Institute // Chicago, IL, USA

November // Chicago Art Book Fair // Chicago, IL, USA.

November // Fernanda Aránguiz’s ‘La Nada o el infinito’ in the “International Invitational Exhibition of Book Art” as part of the Buzz Spector and Njara Stout Collection. // Xu Bangda Art Museum, Haining, China.

October // Impresionante Book Fair // Santiago, Chile

September // NY Art Book Fair 2019 // New York, NY, USA.

August // III Festival del Libro de Artista // Santiago, Chile

July – November // “The image is the residue of my reflection” by Sebastián Barrante present at the exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Serralves Museum Collection “Viagem ao Princípio: Ida e Volta” // Porto, Portugal.

May // Arts Libris in ARCO Lisboa // Lisbon, Portugal.

April // LA Art Book Fair // Los Ángeles, CA, USA.

February // Codex: Book Fair and Symposium // Richmond, CA, USA.

November // Nave de Ediciones Feria Ch.ACO // Santiago, Chile

November // Chicago Art Book Fair // Chicago, IL, USA.

October // Impresionante Book Fair, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo // Santiago, Chile

August // II Festival del libro de Artista, Galería Casa Uno UNAB and Galería BECH // Santiago, Chile

July // Presentation of ‘Museo Legítimo’ by Martín La Roche in Naranja // Santiago, Chile

June // Microutopías I Feria de Arte Impreso // Montevideo, Uruguay.

May // Miss Read Art Book Festival 2018 // Berlin, Germany.

April // Workshop on Artists’ Books for U. Del Desarrollo Design students // Santiago, Chile

February // Arts Libris in ARCO Madrid 2018 // Madrid, Spain.

January // I Feria de Artes Gráficas Sagrada Mercancía // Santiago, Chile

December // II Encuentro de Encuadernación y Microeditoriales – Casa en Blanco // Santiago, Chile

December // La Furia del Libro // Santiago, Chile

November // Chicago Art Book Fair //Chicago, IL, USA.

November // Estación Réplica de Bienal de Artes Mediales – Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes // Santiago, Chile

October // Impresionante Book Fair – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo // Santiago, Chile

October // Feria Deriva de Arte Impreso // Porto, Portugal

October // Nave de editoriales in Feria de arte contemporáneo Ch.ACO // Santiago, Chile

September // Publishing project dialogues at the 1st Artist’s Book Festival at the Goethe Institut // Santiago, Chile

August // Conference ‘Estado del Libro de Artista en Chile’ XII Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño Universidad de Palermo // Buenos Aires, Argentina.

August // Feria Tijuana de Arte Impreso // São Paulo, Brazil

July // EMA Encuentro de Microeditoriales Arcos 2017 // Santiago, Chile

June // Festival Radiiant de Arte y Diseño // Santiago, Chile

May // Encuentro de Diseño CCPLM // Santiago, Chile

May // Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair // Berlin, Germany.

December // 1a. Feria del Libro Arte – Objeto // Santiago, Chile

October // Feira Tijuana Porto // Porto, Portugal.

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