Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros [When I write works, my hands think books] is the first exhibition dedicated to the editorial production of Naranja Publicaciones: a publishing house, bookstore, and collection specialized in artists’ publications founded by Sebastián Arancibia and Sebastián Barrante.

The work carried out by Naranja Publicaciones explores, from the publishing production, the possibilities of artists’ publications from an expansive point of view that blurs the boundaries and favors encounters with other disciplines and supports. In this way, the exhibition tells the non-linear story of 9 years of intense work of experimentation and reflection from the voice of its publishers and artist-collaborators, weaving an affective and intimate network that permeates the exhibited and artistic works practice as a whole.

The exhibition divides the publishing work of Naranja Publicaciones into two spaces: the first one gathers the action of editing/publishing among editors, comprised in the production of Sebastián Arancibia and Sebastián Barrante as artists and collective; and the second space addresses the action of editing/publishing with others, through editorial works made together with other artists in the framework of collaborative projects.

Naranja Publicaciones

Publishing house, bookstore, and collection specialized in artists’ publications, founded in 2014 in Santiago, Chile. It is directed by Sebastián Arancibia (architect, Valparaíso, 1988) and Sebastián Barrante (visual artist, La Serena, 1986). Its work focuses on producing, disseminating, preserving, and teaching artists’ publications.

In his 9 years of work, he has developed an intense work of publishing production and dissemination of works by Chilean and Latin American artists, resulting in more than 30 works that have been exhibited in fairs and exhibitions in Chile, the United States, Europe, and Asia. His publications are currently included in more than 25 public and private institutional collections in Chile, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 11 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 8pm

Address CCESantiago: Avenida Providencia 927, Metro Salvador Providencia



Valentina Améstica, Sebastián Arancibia, Fernanda Aránguiz M., Sebastián Barrante, Mauricio Benítez Figari, Gregorio Berchenko, Christian Compagnon, Guillermo Deisler, Catalina de la Cruz, Claudia de la Torre, Ana María Fernández, Camila Estrella, Pablo Fante, Sofía Garrido, Magdalena Jordán, Martín La Roche, Ana Lea-Plaza, Catalina Mena Ürményi, María P. Vila, Ximena Pérez Grobet, Fernando Pérez Villalón, Javiera Pintocanales, Luz Sciolla, Pablo Vindel


Naranja Publicaciones


Centro Cultural de España – Santiago 

Exhibition Design

Naranja Publicaciones and Atelier Arquitectos

Graphic Design

Valentina Améstica

Exhibition Setup

Atelier Arquitectos and Centro Cultural de España

Thanks to

Megumi Andrade Kobayashi, Laura Coll, Catalina Tapia

Press release



Exhibition Views

photos: Sebastián Barrante


Podcast “¿Te acuerdas cómo nos conocimos?(Do you remember how we met?)

This podcast is a series of 6 conversations we had with different artists and cultural agents who have influenced the artistic practice of Naranja Publicaciones. All conversations began with the question “Do you remember how we met?” from which different stories unfolded. These telephone conversations took place as part of Naranja Publicaciones’ exhibition “Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros” at CCESantiago.

Talk: “Editarse entre editores”

Last Wednesday, May 3, the CCESantiago hosted the lecture “Editarse entre editores”, an activity that complements the work process and the exhibition “Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros”

This talk addressed the artistic-editorial work of Sebastián Barrante and Sebastián Arancibia, from the practice of editing between editors, through the account of different projects worked individually and as a collective since 2016.


May 12, 2023

El Mostrador: Muestra “Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros”

May 18, 2023

LUN: Un montón de libros se dejan auscultar, escuchar, leer y tocar. Por Fabián Llanca

Hora 25 (NTV): Columna de Sergio Parra en Hora 25.

May 26, 2023

El Mercurio: Naranja Publicaciones revisa sus nueve años de quehacer. Por Daniela Silva

Podcast Caldo de Cultivo: Publicaciones de Artista. Conduce Joaquín Jimenez

June 15, 2023

El Semáforo (Radio Universidad de Chile): Entrevista de Antonella Estévez

June 20, 2023

Artishock: Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros por Megumi Andrade Kobayashi

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The exhibition at CCESantiago website

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