Modos alternativos de viaje | Sofía Enríquez


It is a poetic essay on travel that interweaves references to art, cinema and literature.
A mosaic of travel reflections revolving around territory, body and language. The interior is printed in black, with inserts of adhesive images that connect to the written story.


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Dimensions 28 × 18 × 1 cm


  • Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum, NY, USA.

Technical Specifications

Author: Sofía Enríquez

Techniques: Laser

Format: Cover printed in silkscreen on acid-free paper. Interior printed on hand-bound and hand-embossed paper. The book contains some adhesive images which were glued by hand. 108 pages.

Binding: Cristina / Casa Roca

Publisher: Minigolf Deportivo

Size: 27,5 x 17 cm

Print run: 100 copies

Language: Spanish

Year: 2021


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