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Manual (Manual) is framed within the works with restrictions and instructions, at the same time inspired by short experimental works like those of Fluxus, the instructions of Yoko Ono, or also dadaist or oulipian works. Manual is configured as a set of instructions for creating works of an imaginary gallery with installations distributed in four sections / rooms of exhibition: engraving / photography, writing, nature, sound.

Elaborated with a careful design and diagramming, this work is configured as a book and an artifact.

The book includes a leaflet signed by the author.

“Los textos que lo componen admiten ser leídos como la invitación a realizar una acción concreta o como la descripción de obras interactivas en una exposición imaginaria, con lo que podría leerse como una particular forma de écfrasis”

(“The texts that compose it admit being read as the invitation to realize a concrete action or like the description of interactive works in an imaginary exhibition, with that which could be read as a particular form of ekphrasis”) (Felipe Cussen, Rachel Robinson, “RESTRICCIONES E INSTRUCCIONES EN LA LITERATURA CHILENA RECIENTE” [“RESTRICTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS IN RECENT CHILEAN LITERATURE”], Nueva Revista del Pacífico [New Magazine of the Pacific] 2021, No 75).

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Dimensions 24 × 17 × 1.5 cm
About the author

About the author

Macarena Urzúa Opazo (1978, Santiago, Chile). Has a Ph.D. in Hispanic American Literature from Rutgers University. Associate professor and researcher of the Department of Linguistics and Literature at the University of Santiago of Chile. Has published the book of poetry Jersey City<(Publisher Fug, 2009 /  Book and Reading Creation Council Scholarship) and Escrito sobre el agua (Written over the water) (Castor and Pollux, 2018), finalist of the Municipal Poetry Prize, 2019. The co author of ¿Quién le teme a la poesía? (Who is afraid of poetry?) (Cussen, Labraña, and Urzúa, Laurel Books, 2019); co author and co editor (with Jacqueline Dussaillant) of Concisa, Original y Vibrante. Lecturas Sobre la Revista Zig-Zag (Concise, Original and Vibrant. Readings about the Magazine Zig-Zag) (UFT Editions, 2020); co editor of Más allá de la naturaleza: Prácticas y configuraciones especiales en la cultura latinoamerican contemporánea(Beyond nature: Practices and special configurations in contemporary Latin American culture) (University Alberto Hurtado Editions, 2019).

Book launch

Book launch



  • Walker Art Center Library, MN, EEUU

Author: Macarena Urzúa

Textual Editing: Megumi Andrade Kobayashi

Editorial Design: Naranja Publicaciones

Techniques: Risography

Format: Soft-cover book of 150gm rough olin paper; folded sheet of A3 format and envelope of 90gm rough olin paper

Publisher: Naranja Publicaciones

Dimensions: 24 X 17 X 1.5 cm

Print Run: 100 copies

Language: Spanish

Year of Publication: 2023

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