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Third Stanza: Punctuation was the result of a “sonhora action” carried out in July 2019, by the author, Carlos Soto-Román, and Gerard Altaió from the SONHORAS collective. The actions are monthly events organized by the collective, which consist of the making of an experimental poetry artwork that is published through the technique of letterpress printing. This is done in L’Automàtica, an old letterpress printing factory located in the Gràcia neighborhood, Barcelona.

Third Stanza: Punctuation is a fragment of “Third Stanza”, an unpublished part of the trilogy made up of “11” and “Chile Project [Re-Classified]”. It is a visual poem that takes only the punctuation of the third stanza of the Chilean national anthem.

The graphic work was printed by Gerard Altaió and Carlos Soto-Román, on July 16, 2019, at L’Automatica, the SONHORAS workshop located in Carrer de la Legalitat, Barrio de Gràcia, Barcelona. The print run is 100 copies, 10 of them are numbered and signed by the author.

*Frame not included.




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About the author

About the author

Carlos Soto Román (1977) / Santiago, Chile

Chilean poet and translator. Pharmacist and MA in Bioethics. He lived in Philadelphia for 5 years. He has published up to now 10 poetry books and 7 translations.

Technical Specifications

Author: Carlos Soto Román

Format: letterpress. Frame not included.

Publisher: Self publication

Dimensions: 19 x 28,5 cm

Print run: 100 copies

Year of publication: 2019

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