Tentations | Sigismond de Vajay


Book illustrating Jacques Prévert’s (remixed) poem “Inventory”, it includes 10 linocuts printed on the the Association Letters et Images presses, Geneva in the year 2000. This book is an edition of 10, plus 2 A.P., printed on handmade paper and bounded with an old-fashioned binding process without glue.


Additional information
Weight1 kg
Dimensions35 × 26 × 2 cm
About the author

About the author

Sigismond de Vajay is a protean artist, curator and publisher, Argentinian, Hungarian and Swiss, born in Paris (1972). He worked in Vevey, Barcelona and New York, where he studied at the SVA. Since 2009 he lives in Buenos Aires. His works include installations, drawings, videos, interventions in the public space and sculptures. In 2002 he moved to Barcelona, where he set up with a collective a platform for contemporary art, KBB (Kültur Büro Barcelona). He develops important projects for galleries, museums and institutions in Switzerland, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Brazil. His work highlights the systems that govern the planet, irregularities and social differences, power and global control. With a disenchanted look, his art oscillates ceaselessly between the human and the machine, the individual and the mass, or even nature and technology. His productions have in common a dystopian aesthetic with which he describes the condition of contemporary societies in the state of ruin. Since 2012 he works with the Xippas Galleries in Paris, Montevideo and Geneva and since 2018 with Aninat Gallery in Chile.


Technical Specifications

Author: Sigismond de Vajay

Format: soft cover, linocut on handmade paper, artisanal binding.

Publisher: self publication

Dimensions: 34,5 x 25.5 cm

Print run: 12 signed and numbered copies

Language: French

Year of publication: 2000

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