El mundo | Fernando Pérez Villalón y Ana Lea-Plaza


El mundo (The World) is an object-book juxtaposing a poem and a collage. The poem’s stanzas, printed in non-sequential order, talk about traveling, the desire for novelty, multiplicity, and their opposite, monotony and disappointment. In conversation with Baudelaire’s “Le voyage”, the subject addressed by this text is tired of wandering, commerce, tourism, his or her senses dulled by the excess of stimuli that end up becoming indistinguishable from each other. The collage, in collaboration with Ana Lea-Plaza, constructs a miniature world with clippings, a microcosmos filled with imaginary landscapes, dream characters, imposible cities and paradoxical objects. The book’s vanishing point is the encounter of this crowded and multicolored image with a measured, regular text that longs for quietness and dissolution. Both dimensions converge in an object, designed in collaboration with Naranja Publicaciones, resembling a foldable map or brochure that fits in a box as small as the palm of a hand, an object that little by little reveals, in the several possible routes that run through it, the contrasts and complicities between words and images.




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About the author

About the author

Fernando Pérez Villalón (1975). Writer, translator, and academic at Alberto Hurtado University, where he is currently the head of the Art Department. He has published many essays, various poetry collections and experimental books, a book of short stories and a translation of Chinese classical poems. He is part of the experimental project Orquesta de Poetas.

Ana Lea-Plaza (1982). University professor, editor and translator. She is a self-taught artist but has also learned through workshops with national artists in different areas (painting, color applied to textiles, collage, pop-up and cyanotype).


Technical Specifications

Authors: Fernando Pérez Villalón (texto y collage), Ana Lea-Plaza (collage)

Techniques: Silkscreen printing on the board case, digital printing collage and text of the book. Die cut application on the envelope.

Format: unfolded book within board case.

Design and binding: Naranja Publicaciones

Publisher: Naranja Publicaciones

Dimensions: 6,7 x 5 x 1,5 cm (closed); 28,5 x 40 cm (extended)

Print run: 200 copies

Language: Spanish

Year of publication: 2021

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