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El fin del ensueño poético (The end of the poetic reverie) is the third and final part of the trilogy composed by El ensueño poético, al contrario… (The poetic reverie, on the contrary…) and [El cielo está, por encima del techo, / tal azul, tan calmo] ([The sky above the roof / Is so blue, so calm!]), in which the image of the house is explored, both inside and outside, during the lockdowns that occurred during the pandemic.The quotes used for the trilogy are from texts by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. 

This publication consists of a sequence of 20 photographs intervened with black paint. The images show a pair of hands holding an open copy of the book The Poetics of Space, from which the trilogy begins. On these images, a sequence of erasures is carried out, composed of 20 steps, as a ritual of closure of the procedures used in the previous works. The width of the erasures, and therefore the length of the sequence, was determined by the size of the brush that the artist had at hand.

This edition has a print run of 10 manually intervened copies.


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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 6 cm
About the author

About the author

Sebastian Arancibia (1988) Santiago, Chile

Architect and editor. He founded Naranja Publicaciones in 2014. This is a space for commercialization, production and circulation of information of artist books and experimental edition. His work links visual poetry in experimental and editorial formats dealing with nostalgia as a topic from literary and material aspects.

Technical specifications

Author: Sebastián Arancibia

Tecnique: inkjet printing, interventions made with gouache.

Format: Cramshell box with 20 intervened by hand photographs

Publisher: Naranja Publicaciones

Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm

Print run: 10 numbered copies

Language: Spanish / English

Exhibitions: “Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros” at CCE Santiago, Chile.

Year of publication: 2023


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