11 | Carlos Soto Román


11 is a visual poetry book by Carlos Soto Román.
Through the use of archives, official sources, series of graphic concepts, obliteration and crossing outs of the perpetrators’ speech, this text manifests itself as a strong denounce against the Chilean dictatorship, focusing on issues of forced disappearances, repression and genocidal practices which were systematically carried out during that period.


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Dimensions 17 × 1.5 × 24 cm
About the author

About the author

Carlos Soto Román (1977) / Santiago, Chile

Chilean poet and translator. Pharmacist and MA in Bioethics. He lived in Philadelphia for 5 years. He has published up to now 10 poetry books and 7 translations.

Technical Specifications

Author: Carlos Soto Román

Format: Softcover book, offset printing.

Publisher: Self publication

Dimensions: 17 x 24 x 1,5 cm (closed)

Print run: 500

Language: Spanish

Collections: Fundação Serralves, Porto, Portugal.

Awards: Premio Municipal de Literatura de Santiago 2018

Year of publication: first edition 2017, second edition 2023.

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