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El Cerebro (The Brain) is the first translation into Spanish of “Le Cerveau”, a book by Deisler originally published in France in 1975 by Nouvelles éditions polaires, the poet Julien Blaine’s publishing house. While its publication was postponed due to the coup d’état in Chile, the story in “El Cerebro” fuses the consequences of the artist’s imprisonment by the military dictatorship and his subsequent exile in Europe.

The pages in this book contain assorted visual poems in which the author reflects on “the image of consumption” through particular visions that repeatedly appear over the silhouette of a human head. Later, as national events unfold, the work has a more condemnatory tone for the crimes of the dictatorship and manifests a defeated spirit due to the end of the project of Unidad Popular. Nevertheless, despite the wound inflicted on a generation, the work closes with a message of hope for the future.

Special thanks to the Guillermo Deisler Archive of the Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo CEDOC/CNAC.


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Technical Specifications

Author: Guillermo Deisler

Texts: Julien Blaine; Naranja Publicaciones

Translation: Pablo Fante

Techniques: offset

Format: paperback. 80 pages

Publisher: Naranja Publicaciones

Size: 17,8 x 21 x 0.8 cm

Print run: 500 copies

Language: Spanish

Year: 2022


Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 19 × 21 × 1 cm


  • Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum, NY, USA.

About the author

Guillermo Deisler (Santiago de Chile 1940- Halle, Germany 1995) Outstanding visual poet, editor, academic, and engraver. He developed and directed outstanding editorial works from 1963-1973 through Ediciones Mimbre.

He was exiled in 1973, and lived and developed his work in Bulgaria and Germany until he died.


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