Pǝrturbación pasajera  | Mauricio Benítez Figari


Disturbance, alteration that is opposed to the daily state to which the rigorous reality forces us and that responds to the creative process that places us out of a normal state and leads us to a room different from the usual work of the author.

The creative environment is a luminous moment, perceived as a passing experience, that is to say, a verification that the artistic act corresponds to a defined state in a space and time, and to which it is allowed to become public on certain occasions. This quality of the public is absolutely manifested in the opportunity of publication, which acts as a medium capable of generating a controlled resonance, reflected in the number of copies and the allocation of copies to certain recipients, all elements defined by the author.

In this aspect, since the edition, the book is thought of as an anthology of categories of ‘disturbances’ or alterations of this normal state, ranging from the quotation, understood as a detonating element of creativity, to the making of a complete work, whose volume acts as a prolongation of this same state. These ‘perturbations’ are translated into 7 booklets hand-sewn with papers of different textures and weights, plus two annexes in one-page-book format.

The design strategy used seeks to reflect the states of time and space of these moments from the enhancement of the supports and the calligraphies, the marks, the drawn lines, which make clear and enrich the understanding of these creative moments.

In the author’s words:

“…let’s say – to simplify – that this literary artifact, a contraption thought in design and letters, paper and words, traces of a small citadel, which at times seem to strip language of its communicative function and congruent with reality, however, it shows stumbling, pieces of reality that accompany a process of self-enlightenment through language encapsulated in a cardboard closet.
Seven stories, woven and unwoven, “…scissors, threads, pieces of gender disorder, chaos prior to the making of the dress.” that need looks that accompany this game, and that I invite you to walk through, inhabit and unravel.”



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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 cm

Technical Specifications

Author: Mauricio Benítez Figari

Format: Slipcase containing 7 booklets of different papers and weights. Digital printing and handmade stitching. Includes two annexes in one-page-book format.

Design, edition and binding: Naranja Publicaciones

Dimensions: 16,5 x 22 x 4,8 cm (slipcase); 16 x 21 cm (each booklet)

Print run: 20 copies

Language: Spanish

Year of publication: 2022


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