El cuerpo de lo invisible (La conciencia por sobre la razón) | Magdalena Isaacson Labarthe


This book was developed in three stages, the first of them in 2007: “Work and Turn” consisted in the design of two sheets, where the composition was articulated within the limits of the printer. The artist laid out the orientation of each page over the surface and its cutting lines. The second staged happened in 2011: El cuerpo de lo invisible (Body of the Invisible) was finally collated and exhibited “naked”; without its formal covers. In the third and final stage, in 2020, El cuerpo de lo invisible reached a closing point as the book of an artist. Fragments of English literature, numeric codes and freehand notes, seem to be the bone structure that sustains this literary body. “Architecture of the unnamable and of the inexistent that is grown, cultivated and matured for an eternal old age. This book is nothing else that the breeding ground for the philosophy that inhabits its constant transformation”


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Dimensions 38 × 27 × 5 cm
About the author

About the author

Visual weaves and cellular poems vibrate in Magdalena Isaacson’s books objects. In each one of them, as an organ of a literary body, there’s a language that opens multiple visions both beautiful and sinister. From an intense graphic DNA, she gives life and a personality to visceral meditations of a sequence that seems to be the expression of private diaries displayed with comfort and courage.    

Magdalena´work is the sum of many creative gestures and tireless processes, as it is the accumulation and categorization of two and threedimensional objects, added to drawings and graphic expressions that give her work a forceful richness. In design school, she focused her ability and passion for composition and its infinite solutions, and in gestural theatre, she found a complement in the idea of a design that is alive: “Because everything goes through the body, its emotions and reflections… in the theatre, everything is art and exposes you fully”. So, from the stage her creative language expanded, objects became alive and the reflection between textures was more revealing than ever.

In 2009, Magdalena received an invitation to participate in the surrealistic movement El Umbral Secreto (Secret Threshold), a platform that opened different spaces where to show her jewellery or wearable ready-made pieces, both in Chile and other countries. She added the book to her work, as a resource and also content. In 2011 the book of shreds, the terminally ill book, became a new raw material with which she works with unrestrictedly until today.

She has created more than 10 pieces that travel through almost thirteen years and different development processes. Nowadays, with Velcro Ediciones, she takes all her resources (objects-poetry-graphics-spaces) and combines them with documentary work, in a quest to widen her visual tale to an even more acute language, connected and aware of the social contingency.  

Magdalena Isaacson’s work grows and mutates constantly, as a being of its own, detached from structures and captivity, silent and captivating.



Technical Specifications

Author: Magdalena Isaacson Labarthe

Technique: collage and mixed techniques

Format: intervened fabric book

Publisher: self-publication

Dimensions: 26,5 x 38 cm

Print run: one of a kind

Year of publication: 2007 – 2011 – 2020

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