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The origin of this work is the studio research she developed during the group residency Place, People and Time: publishing as an artistic practice –The Museum of Loss and Renewal, Collemacchia, Italy. There, she worked with my handwriting and the essence of writing as dots and lines that composes the graphic symbols we know as letters. The result was this lettering guide in which each sign has been reduced to its minimum expression, a materialization of the idea that “between the real and the possible, and between image and writing, after all, to write is no other than another way to draw”.



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English, Spanish

About the author

About the author

Fernanda Aránguiz M. (1989), visual artist who writes and makes books.
Bachelor in Art from the Universidad Católica de Chile (2014), where she worked as a teaching assistant in artwork creation and production workshops.
Since 2013 she has participated in national exhibitions, including the solo show Qualia: diccionario de ocupación [Qualia: dictionary of occupation] in 2016 and the collectives ¿Qué es un libro? [What is a book?] in 2015 and Editar el acontecimiento [To edit occurrence] in 2014.
Her recent publications include Ñamen. Desaparecer, venir en olvido (Euonia, 2018), Some day in life (2018), 11 Simon-Crubellier (2016) and the 2nd edition of La nada o el Infinito [Nothing and Infinite] (Naranja Publicaciones, 2017), which is now part of the Artists’ Books and Editions Collection of Fundación Serralves (Porto, Portugal) and the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection (Chicago, USA).

Technical Specifications

Author: Fernanda Aránguiz

Format: Acrylic lettering guide, handmade box, booklet

Publisher: Self-publication

Dimensions: 10,5 x 18 cm.

Print run: 10

Language: Spanish / English

Year of publication: 2019

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