In this section, we invite a person related to the field of artists’ publications to answer seven questions of a questionnaire with images.

The main rule is that each question must be answered only with photographs or images, without captions or descriptions.

For version #5 we invited Chilean researcher Megumi Andrade Kobayashi to answer the questionnaire. Let’s see the results.

An image that defines your work

A treasured object in your home

Show us what the sky looks like as you answer this questionnaire

An exhibition that moved you

An essential book in your library

An artwork to which you constantly come back

A spoiler of what you are currently working on

Teacher and researcher in contemporary literature and art. She is part of “La oficina de la nada”, a research group focused on the links between literature, visual arts and music, and on the curatorship of exhibitions mainly related to books and printed art. He is in charge of the “GPA Laboratory” of the Faculty of Arts of the Finis Terrae University, a project dedicated to the research and creation of artistic publications.

Ig: @megumiandradekobayashi

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