On Thursday, July 18 at 18:30 (Berlin time, 12:30 pm, Santiago time), Reading Artists’ Book: Asemic Writing, a hybrid event (face-to-face/online) organized by German curator Regine Ehleiter, will take place, where 12 guests, including artists and researchers, will bring together different approaches to “reading” asemic writing. This is the third act of the Reading Artists’ Books series, a collaborative project by Regine Ehleiter and Tabea Nixdorg, in memory of artist, librarian and writer Doro Boehme (1957-2020).

How is asemic – that is illegible – writing to be read, or is this a contradiction in terms? What does it mean to speak of ‘reading’ marks that do not form letters, words and sentences, or even constitute signs?

For the occasion, Sebastián Barrante, editor of Naranja Publicaciones, will present “Writing letters to Mirtha”, a performance related to the publication of his work entitled “Cartas a Mirtha” (Naranja Publicaciones, 2022).

This activity coincides with the exhibition “Mirtha Dermisache: To Be Read”, curated by Regine Ehleiter (EXC Temporary Communities, FU Berlin) at A-Z Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

If you would like to attend the online event on July 18 (via Webex), please write to [email protected].

Graphic design: Anja Lutz.

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