After two tremendous experiences at the CODEX biennial in 2019 and 2022, we are very sad to inform you that this year we could not travel with a table of publications to participate in this fair.

However, thanks to the invitation of the CODEX Foundation, we will be present in spirit. Two works from our catalog will be presented at a table that the organization has called Art from Afar, dedicated to exhibiting projects from other parts of the world.

The fair takes place February 4-7 at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, California, USA.

Here are the works that will be available at the CODEX table.

al Este la Cordillera | Pilar Contreras

This work is composed of 4 woodcuts in leporello format that reflect the relationship between the city of Santiago de Chile and the Andes Mountains. Each one of the engravings works the silhouette of the mountains and, through color transparencies, they configure a horizon that is present in our daily life.

This publication was part of the exhibition “al Este la Cordillera” by Pilar Contreras at Espacio Matta in 2022.

Unique hand-bound work.

Tentativa de la razón | Sebastián Barrante

Series of 14 portfolios in which the artist explores the erasure of coffee as a way to eliminate the traumatic experience of his father as a political prisoner during the Chilean military dictatorship.

The artist transforms this physical action – throwing coffee on a piece of paper with written fragments of his father’s testimony – not only as a way of relieving pain, but as a way of opening new interpretations. In Spanish, the word “borra” shares its sound with the word “borrar” (to erase). Thus, throwing coffee on paper is not only an act of erasure, but also offers the possibility of opening up new readings through the divinatory use of this residue.

Each of the 14 portfolios is unique, and several of them are housed in specialized collections in Chile and the United States.

Published by Candor Arts and Naranja Publicaciones.

If you are in San Francisco, we highly recommend you to visit this fabulous biennial event about bookbinding and book art.

Finally, we’d like to share with you a little souvenir from our trip to CODEX 2019: two postcards we bought at the legendary City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, which we have on our bookshelf at home.

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