This publication by Clemente Padín, which is part of our personal collection, is connected to Curated Table #005: Reading instructions. Here is some information about the work.
  • Instrumentos/74 is a work by Clemente Padín (1939, Uruguay) published by Ovum in 1974 and republished by microutopías (Uruguay) in 2019.
  • The book was originally published in English and was intended to be distributed among friends and acquaintances.
  • The publication contains a number of ways to operationalize the word “revolution”.
  • According to its colophon, the work remained lost until 1997 when the German artist Klaus Groh found a copy in his archive.
  • The sequence ends with the proposal to the reader to create his own instrument to carry out a revolution.

Author Clemente Padín | Tecniques undeclared | Format sofcover book | Publisher microutopías | Dimensions 14,6 x 10,5 cm | Print run undeclared | Language Spanish | Year of publication 1974-2019 | Mode of acquisition Gift

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